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Sound Voltex (SDVX) is a series of music games by Konami in thier line-up of Bemani games. The first game, SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH, was released in 2012. Gameplay consists of various objects coming towards the player on the course lane, which consists of 6 columns of rails. The player is required to input corresponding commands when the object reaches the Critical Line at the bottom of the screen. The command required will differ, depending on the objects. Some objects are inputed using four large white buttons, two lower orange FX buttons, or the two control knobs. SOUND VOLTEX's music is mainly produced by independent artists; most of the artists are VOCALOID producers. There is also a mode known as Skill Analyzer mode in which the player can test their Skill Level. When playing multiplayer, if at least one player clears the song, those who fail will instead be SAVED, and they can continue the play session. SOUND VOLTEX has four main difficulties: NOVICE, ADVANCED, EXHAUST, and MAXIMUM. Since infinite infection, the new games have added a "special" difficulty, named after their subtitles. Charts on these difficulties are almost always more difficult than EXHAUST, and usually added to songs from previous versions. These charts add the respective games' new gimmicks to otherwise old and outdated songs. Difficulty ranges from 1 to 20. Each release also added new gameplay mechanics that made charts harder. Plus, many chart difficulties, must be bought from the SDVX Station, unlocked via BLASTER GATE, or unlocked through MISSIONs. Speaking of SOUND VOLTEX STATION, it is the main unlocking system in the game. Each time players play, they will receive a certain amount of Blocks and Packets. Blocks are required to unlock music and Packets are used to unlock Appeal Cards, which are physical collectible cards that also give some perks when used in-game. One of the unlocking methods is the APPEND TRAVEL event, where players clear songs from Jubeat, saving their results and gameplay in an e-Amusement card when playing other BEMANI games with the card inserted. APPEND TRAVEL has the song candii unlocked, as well as its own Appeal Cards. SOUND VOLTEX overview[edit] Sound Voltex consists of two different parts that relate to each other: Sound Voltex Booth and Sound Voltex Floor. Sound Voltex Booth is the main game, while SOUND VOLTEX FLOOR is a system wherein game content is created by Japanese artists and musicians. Content chosen from SOUND VOLTEX FLOOR will be inserted into SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH and become available in the game. Sound VOLTEX FLOOR is a series of contests where players compete to make audio or visual content for inclusion in SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH.[4] Contests being held include making original songs, remixing a BEMANI song, designing a CD jacket, and designing an APPEAL CARD. The participants that are allowed to compete are Japanese residents. New contests are announced periodically, each with their own theme.